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Roof Maintenance Program (RPM)

Our Roof Protection Maintenance (RPM) program does not involve any contracts. Once your roof has been cleaned by us, you simply advise us of your interest in the program and we follow up with you on a six-month basis.

There is no up-front cost to join this program, and your initial roof cleaning is completed, whether or not you choose to have the RPM service. The RPM service is done twice yearly and costs a small fraction of the initial roof cleaning cost!

The RPM service includes:

  • Confirming your roof is free and clear of any stains or debris.
  • Application of a fungicide to help prevent mold and mildew from returning.
  • Gutter cleaning to ensure that they are free flowing, which will help protect your roof and home exterior.

By having the RPM service on a regular basis you are guaranteed to never have a dirty roof or to have to pay the much larger cost of having your roof cleaned again.

We contact you each time the RPM service is due so you can choose to discontinue your service at any time, for any reason.