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orlando roof cleaning

Orlando Roof Cleaning ~ All Types, Safe!

Getting a Safe Roof Cleaning job in Orlando is what Pierce Building Services, Inc. will guarantee.  There are many different types of roofs and therefore different methods, depending on the type of roof you have, to provide a safe roof cleaning.  We have been servicing Orlando Florida for over 30 years and have developed the best practices for each individual type roof that needs to be cleaned.  With a shingle roof cleaning we are able to use an environmentally safe detergent that is specifically made to clean shingles.  It is not harmful to the grass, plants or animals or anything below the roof line.  For a tile roof we use a soft wash cleaning which is a light chemical clean that is not harmful to the roof or tiles. Anything under the roof line that needs to be covered, protected or watered down is taken care of prior to the start of the roof cleaning in order to ensure a nice clean roof with no damage underneath. Regardless of the type of roof we take great care to ensure a beautiful, safe roof cleaning job is done and that we exceed your expectations. If you need your roof cleaned and you live in Orlando or Central Florida call Pierce Building Services, Inc. at (407)568-1621.